About Us

Games Knight offers a variety of exquisitely personalized card & board games. Our mission is to make the games you love to play and recreate them keeping YOU in mind. We strive to personalize every single element of the games we create, so that they translate into the most perfect possible gift, for anyone & any occasion!

With each of our offerings, we strive to enchant you into an experience, rather than solely offer you a product!


Wondering how we extract the information needed to create these games? It’s super simple! We have designed a questionnaire for each of our games. Once you confirm and complete an order, you will be made to fill out a game-specific questionnaire (based on the game you chose).

This questionnaire will ask for all the information that is needed from us; pictures, inside jokes, quirks & pet peeves! The intensity of our questionnaires depends on the game – the more information you provide, the better and more personal!

Meet Our Founder

As a child, Mridula could be left alone for hours if she had some paper, glue and a pair of scissors. At a young age, she discovered her love for crafts. A little later, her competitive edge kicked in and fueled her unending love of playing card & board games. In 2017, Mridula graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a major in business studies and returned to India to work as an equity research analyst at a portfolio management firm.

Fast forward to the lockdown, like many entrepreneurs, Mridula quit her corporate job and finally took the plunge to follow her true calling. She founded Games Knight in September 2020, in the midst of all the chaos, with the hope to provide a unique & fun experience to people stuck at home. Essentially, Games Knight is an amalgamation of her three passions; crafting, games & entrepreneurship.